torsdag 9 april 2015

You Stink

The book YOU STINK is a book about sunks. Thats is an animal who live in North and South America. This animal stink very much and it have a very ill smell that it have for self-defender. Sumks live in a home called a den, there thay are at the winter but not all the winter. In the books you learn much about sunks an their lifes. If you like factual texts about animals you can read tis book.


Goldilocks And The Other Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Other Three Bears is about a little girl which went to a bear house. It was a strange house. Everything in the house was in three sizes. The bowles on the table, the chairs and the beds.

Suddelnly the owners of the house returned home. They didn´t like what they saw. Someone had eaten food and someone had sit in their chairs and then they found Goldilocks sleeping in a bed.

 Goldilocks screamed and ran all the way home. And never went back to the Three Bears house.

onsdag 8 april 2015

Translate Words:
Treat - Behandla
Gather - Samla
Bowl - Skål
Might - Kanske
Messy - Rörigt
Tighty - Snäv
Butterscotch - Knäck
Crank - Vev

Treat it carefully!
Gather on this!
Took a bowl and full it with sugar.
We might can do that.
It is very messy here.
It was very tighty.
Do you butterscotch?
What is that? It is a crank.

The Homework Lesson

In the frist day of school Ryan got some homework. But when he got home he dosen't started with it. Even if he had heared that his teacher Ms. Rose was abel to be a monster. He thought that he had planty of time because the homework was to thursday. Instead he played baseball and watched TV.
The next day he got more homework to thusday but he dosen't did it. But on wednesday evening he been stressed out! He had not done some homework and the pile of homework was a foot hight now.
What would he do now?
Next day Ms. Rose aked if someone had done there homework and everyone responded "No" and Ms. Rose got really angry!

tisdag 7 april 2015




1. Darted-Kasta
2. Pillow-Kudde
3. Vacation-Semester
4. Nodded-nickade
5. Swamps-träsk
6. Raised-upprest
7. Declared-förklarad
8. Glee-glädje
9. Bothered-bäsvärad
10. Grumbling-gnäll


1. I darted the stone.
2. I sleep with the pillow.
3. Me and my family are going on a vacation in summer.
4. I nodded to the deaf because he can't hear when I say yes.
5. I don't like to bath in swamps.
6. I don't sleep raised.
7. He declared very good.
8. You can feel the glee if you are happy.
9. I am not bothered.
10. You can grumbling if you are hungry.

How Glooskap Found Summer

This is words i don´t understand so much
Greeted - Hälsade
Spirits - Humör, Mod
Chant - Sång, Melodi
Wept - Gråtit
Seems - Verkar

This is words I can but i don´t find any more different words.
Rivers - Floder
Capture - Fånga
Invited - Inbjudan
Covered - Täckt
Grew - Växte

I greeted my old house yesterday.
Just now I have really bad spirits.
Can you sing a chant for me?
Have you wept?
It seems like you had cried very much.
The rivers are now very long.
Yesterday I capture a pike.
Now im sitting here and have got a invited from a party.
I covered my computer with the mousepad,
I grew up in Tidaholm.