tisdag 7 april 2015

How Glooskap Found Summer

This is words i don´t understand so much
Greeted - Hälsade
Spirits - Humör, Mod
Chant - Sång, Melodi
Wept - Gråtit
Seems - Verkar

This is words I can but i don´t find any more different words.
Rivers - Floder
Capture - Fånga
Invited - Inbjudan
Covered - Täckt
Grew - Växte

I greeted my old house yesterday.
Just now I have really bad spirits.
Can you sing a chant for me?
Have you wept?
It seems like you had cried very much.
The rivers are now very long.
Yesterday I capture a pike.
Now im sitting here and have got a invited from a party.
I covered my computer with the mousepad,
I grew up in Tidaholm.


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