tisdag 7 april 2015




1. Darted-Kasta
2. Pillow-Kudde
3. Vacation-Semester
4. Nodded-nickade
5. Swamps-träsk
6. Raised-upprest
7. Declared-förklarad
8. Glee-glädje
9. Bothered-bäsvärad
10. Grumbling-gnäll


1. I darted the stone.
2. I sleep with the pillow.
3. Me and my family are going on a vacation in summer.
4. I nodded to the deaf because he can't hear when I say yes.
5. I don't like to bath in swamps.
6. I don't sleep raised.
7. He declared very good.
8. You can feel the glee if you are happy.
9. I am not bothered.
10. You can grumbling if you are hungry.

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