måndag 6 oktober 2014

Arthurs bad news day

I have read the book ``Arthurs bad news day``

It`s about a boy who lived with his mom and dad in a house. The boy had the best Life ever, every morning his mom wakes him up and tickling the bottom of his feet. After that he goes down the stairs and eat breakfast. The breakfast was everyday pancakes with syrup! Every day after the school Arthur and his dad played football and Arthur liked it very much!

One day a few month ago the boys mum and dad told him that he was going to have a little sister and he need to share room with the baby. Arthur dident like it because he had heard when his best friend had said that it was terrible, because his mum and dad just talk and think about the baby and don`t had some time with the boy!

Some days later Athurs mum and dad came from the hospital with a baby. The boy did not go out because he dident like that he had a little sister . When his mum and dad had came in to the hous they put the baby in Arthurs lap. The baby had looked at the boy and stretched out a finger, the boy think that she know Arthur was her bigger brother. And then Arthur had think about his little sister and think that she was quit okey!

I think this story was easy to understand because the text was not so difficult to understand.

I think the story was good because it was a fun story and i like it very much.


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