måndag 6 oktober 2014

Recension av Jessica love´s soccer

I have read a book called Jessica love´s soccer. This book is about Jessica who has 2 big brothers who play soccer in a team called Red Dragons. One day Red Dragons would play a important match between the sharks and them. The match was important because if they won the match they win the champion ship. But the day when the match would playing was 4 people who can´t play. They missed a player and then Jessica said
- I can play!
 Jessica played and shot a goal and they win the champion ship.

The most important characters in the book is Jessica who is a girl who love´s fotball and her two big brothers Jason and Jamal who is twin brothers. 

I think the book is easy to understand because it´s not some difficult words I not understand.

I think it was a good book and it had a good message.


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