onsdag 7 maj 2014

My Future!

My Future…
I woke up the day when it happened 2034
The alarm called when I heard all the guys scream “It’s a number 6 guys!”
I went to take on my clothes when I heard the cars start, I glided down the yellow pole to the cars.
The doors opened for the cars and the fire truck to go through, we saw the smoking house down the street we took out the hose to flush the smoke away.
My friend went in to look for any survivors from the fire.
He came out with a little girl holding his hand, later that day I went home to my family.
When I opened the door I got a big surprise!
It was my birthday and my family popped up and celebrated me,
We ate cake and I met my mom and dad and sister for the first time on 2 years.
I was really happy but one thing that really got on my mind was that my sister came home with a little baby in her hands.
She told us that she got pregnant last year with her boyfriend.
I where glad for her but I was sad cause I had to go after the party.
I went back to my Flying car when I heard my mom scream “I want a hug before you go!” I ran back to my mom and gave her a hug, I sad to her that I had to leave.
I woke up the next day by the 3D radio turning itself on.
Not the most people has got these kind of radios, it’s a really rare one I suppose.
I went to check my bank information, when I saw the number I was amazed.
The numbers said 1329042Kr, My company has been going well I see.
My company is that I sell flying cars for costumers that really need them, but the ones I sell Is the oldest version.
Last year I left my family for 2 months to go for a pretty big vacation,
I went to France for an invention called ToXiC.
It’s the engine for a flying car v2.
I went there to pay a large amount of money for them to make cars for me with ToXiC engine`s.

My dream for the future is to invent the best engine in the world.

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